Saturday, June 26, 2010

7 Things Women Don't Know About Men

You may think you've learned everything you need to know about men. Ah, but those alluring creatures still have a few hidden surprises! Here are a few secrets about men and the ways to their hearts.

1. They really do love you just the way you are. Even though you may be spending hours getting dolled up for him, he probably thinks you're wildly sexy running around in your baggy sweats or waking up first thing in the morning with no makeup and messy hair. Of course, this doesn't imply that you should always look frumpy. After all, guys love those short black dresses just as much as we do. It's just that the more approachable you look, the more he'll approach you. So wear your hair soft and natural and skip the lipstick once in a while.

2. They aren't into details. Ever launch into a long-winded story about your day and see your date's eyes glaze over? Guys truly like it short and simple most of the time, and they get lost with all the details and prefer that you get to the point. Save all those extra words for chatting with your gal pals or for long drives when you and your mate have plenty of time to talk and to absorb.

3. They like it when you make the first move. Whether it's asking for a date or getting a hug, men like to be indulged and cared for, too. Now and then, be the one to make the dinner plans, kiss him or take his hand. Run a hot bath for him and suggest he relax for the evening. Call him at the office and ask him out on a special date to a sporting event he's been wanting to see.

4. They're into romance. Remember that famous line Kevin Costner delivers in "Bull Durham" and act accordingly: "I like slow, wet kisses that last for three days." While not all men are cuddlers, many confess that they love strong hugs, lasting kisses and staring into your eyes. So hold that hug a little longer. Give him a massage. Kiss his eyelids. Find those unique romantic things he loves, then do them! You'll both be glad you did.

5. They don't always have to pay. Every now and then, offer to pick up the check. Though some men are old-fashioned and prefer to pay every time, others are flattered when you foot the bill. If he buys dinner, offer to pay for dessert or for coffee afterward. Pick up tickets to a concert that you know he wants to see. Have something special -- like flowers or a wrapped gift -- delivered to him at the office. If money is tight, there's nothing better than a lovingly prepared home-cooked meal accompanied by candlelight and soft music.

6. They want to be themselves. Many men complain that they feel they are just projects for women to fix up and show off for their friends. If you don't like criticism and the need to be something you're not, he feels the same way. True, you may cringe at his choice of sport shirts or what he ordered for dinner, but it's his choice. True love sometimes translates to acceptance. Quiet down the nagging, and don't chide him about his friends or what's in his fridge. If he wants your opinion or advice, it's more than likely he'll ask.

7. They want you to be creative. When it comes to sex, most men are voracious about variety. Be a little bold when it comes to sexual interplay with your partner. Try writing love notes about what you'd like to do with him that evening, then position them in special places for him to find. When you're out on a special date, drop hints that you're wearing sexy lingerie. Be inventive and maybe even play a few light, safe games in bed, such as role playing that you're his favorite pin-up or actress. It's a little daring, but it can be wildly sexy and fun.

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