Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why successful women always scare men?

Almost all men hate to admit but they all know it that successful women do indeed intimidate them. Well the old fashioned view says the guy is supposed to earn and provide for the family and women are suppose to sit at home and do housework. With years this old thinking has been overtaken by the dynamic women of the twenty first century. Now women walk and enjoy the same status as men in the society. But most men are still stuck to the old version of the society and want to be the head and provider of the family.

Not only this men also find it extremely hard to approach successful or wealthy women just due to the fear of rejection. Some think they do not have the same prestigious position as the woman they are interested in and it would not work.

Not only is it about the wealth but also the level of education. This is an age of technology and competition. More and more women are achieving more success than males. The main problem here is that the males are build that way and find it very hard to cope up with a more dominant and successful female.

Most males have the dominant ego factor therefore they find it very hard to deal with a female being the dominant one in the family. It's all about the pride and men feel that their identity is being lost.

And this is one of the major reasons why men prefer dating less successful women than them. If a woman earns more than you, you probably would have to listen to her more and this gives her the dominant edge over you.

Not all men prefer to be followers most of them like to be the leaders when it comes to dating with women. Not only does this hurt a man's ego but also can cause social insults. Most men find it very hard to mix and mingle with the friends of his girl friend, spouse or a date. The society and the atmosphere changes and he would most probably be singled out as he does not have the same status and would be treated differently among the social groups.

Therefore in a nutshell most men have problems at home, work and social groups when they are dating a more successful woman. Their success levels do not meet and somewhere down the line the relationship suffers in the long run.

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