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Five signs your date is into you

Let's be honest: It is sometimes difficult to tell if your date or just be nice if it is really you. So if you need help sussing the true feelings of your love for the woman, see pointers from Greg Hartley, former Army Special Forces interrogator and author of I Can read you like a book: How identify the messages and emotions people are really sending with their Body Language. Who knew smile when your complexion and even where she has her handbag can reveal whether she considers you friend or boyfriend material? More!

Five signs your date is into you ...

1. She tilts her head

"When a woman sees and feels especially comfortable with a man, she will tilt her head," Hartley said. A tilt in any direction - right, left or down - are all signs she is interested in getting to know you better - for example, on a different date.

2. She takes a sip when you take a sip

When a woman is attracted to a guy, she'll instinctively mirror his actions, Hartley says. While men do this, too, women are more likely than men to first begin the copying. What should you look? "You may notice that she will pass her body in the same direction as yours or take your lead for behavior changes like picking up a glass to drink or blinking her eyes repeatedly if you are do, "he suggests. If you want to test her, lean forward and see if it approaches too.

3. She twirls her hair

Since the beginning of time, a woman's hair has been celebrated as a symbol of beauty and power. And it's true today, says Hartley: If your start date twirling or playing with her hair while talking to you is a good sign that she is in you and subconsciously trying to tell you attract.

4. She gets a glow

Often, the means blush of embarrassment, do not assume that her rosy cheeks are an indication of discomfort. When a woman is attracted to someone, the blood running down his face, causing her cheeks to get redder, Hartley explains. And if your date is smitten, he adds, her lips and even eyelids will get fuller, too.

5. His pupils dilate

While your gaze is fixed on her attention to her pupils, advises Hartley. "When a woman is attracted to a man, her pupils will dilate," he said. "Basically, the body does to afford to take more of a good thing."

... And five signs your date is not in you

1. She crosses her arms

Did she assume the position of Librarian angry? "When a woman on a date places her hands to her body - especially if they are crossed - she is closing itself of man," Hartley notes. If you receive this red flag, you have no chance ... and she wants you to know. "Men are not as insightful as women, although she is not aware of that, a woman knows her body language must be very strong," says Hartley. "In this case, that body language reads loud and clear."

2. She puts her bag between you two

"When I ask how male friends had a blind date, step by step, and they say'she put his bag on the table," I always know it's a bad sign, "Hartley said. If your date places her purse - a real barrier and physical - between the two of you, it shows she wants to create distance, he said. Not a good sign.

3. She speaks faster than an auctioneer

Then she seems to like talking to you? Before starting the festival, noted the speed of his conversation. "Romantic conversation does not occur at the same speed that the business conversation," Hartley said. "Conversation between two people who are attracted to the speed slows to about three-quarters and soften the tone. In fact, most emotional conversation - except when it is very hostile - is at a slower pace. "That said, it can be a bit nervous at the beginning of your first date, and nerves can cause her to spit her sentences in rapid-fire succession. But if at the end of the evening, it always goes at a pace Quick, consider it a clue that she just wants to be friends at best.

4. She offers a smile, chin-up

Although it is tempting to interpret any old smile as a sign of interest, all smiles are not created equal. Smiles can say a lot: "I'm polite," "I'm crazy about you," and, believe it or not, "I can not stick." The secret to decoding what her smile really means? Everything is in the chin placement. A woman who gives you a relaxed, chin down "soft smile" is smitten and wants you to dig back, "says Hartley. A smile toothpaste or stiff and polite smile - both of which generally involve the chin raised - means either "I love you as a friend" or "I want out of here!"

5. She strokes her neck

If your date tell you she agrees that you should get together again, it's a good sign, right? Maybe, says Hartley. "His body language can be the key to real truth," he said. "If a woman is gently stroking her neck when you say, there may be a sign she is interested, but it is also known to be a sign of lying. " To find out what message it sends, the aforementioned review "it is not into you" signals. If it also gives you a smile, raised chin and talk over a giant purse, you can miss your prospect.

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