Saturday, July 10, 2010

Places to avoid for a first date

You’d like to think the success of a first date is all about chemistry, connection, good conversation… but sometimes, where you are and what you’re doing can play a key role in whether things go well or not. So, if you want to start a potential relationship off on good footing and don’t take your love interest on the following dates.

1. Family Functions

Your date will be nervous enough trying to impress you — don’t make someone audition for family and friends, too. Who needs that pressure?

2. Dance Clubs
Loud music, pulsing lights, guys without shirts… need we say more? Everyone’s on the prowl. That would be very uncomfortable.

3. Movies

You spend two lame hours staring at a screen, not getting to know each other…plus there’s always a risk the flick will contain a risqué scene that’ll create an awkward moment.

4. Sporting Events

Any place that involves face paint, the wave, and angry guys screaming at the referee is no venue for a soul mate connection. Guys can seem a little too aggressive, and women might find that scary.

5. The Beach

Just because you like strolling hand in hand seaside doesn’t meet you should do it on your first meeting.

6. Comedy Shows

If the comic is bad, that lame vibe will extend to the entire evening. Comedy is great when it’s good. But horrid when it’s bad.

7. Mini-Golf

Trying to outsmart that little windmill is great fun — if you’re 10 years old. Bad idea for a first dateb
8. Theme Restaurants

Never take a first date to a restaurant where your waiter is dressed like Chubby Checker, Fred Flintstone or Quasimodo. Beth, 32, from Brooklyn, NY, recalls her awful date at a medieval-themed restaurant.

9. Museums

A first date is a time to kick back and relax, not solemnly contemplate the works of the great masters. It’s a little too much intellectual stimulation for a first date.

10. Coffee Houses

Some people might think that meeting for coffee is an easy, breezy way to meet cute. But let’s face it: It’s hardly romantic.

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