Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Discover how to get him to marry you, love you, and never leave you

Are you finally done with the dating world and you feel that the man you are with is the man you would like to spend the rest of your life with? Have had a stronger feeling than wanting to marry him now?

This was my problem too when I was at a turning point in my life when I realized that there is no other person for me but him. Although I had a big problem at this time because he did not seem to have any plans of asking me to marry him.

I am sure that it also frustrating for you because of the simple fact that you had to do something to get him to marry you. But let me tell you this, a relationship is a two way thing and it means that if sometimes you want something done you have got to stand on your feet and do something about it.

Never did I imagine myself in the situation I was in but I could not forget how it was for me. This led me to think that I needed to share my thoughts and experience on the matter.

He has to Know

Yes ladies believe it or not guys are not made to think of marriage even if its slapped right into their faces. Men need to know that you are interested in having a serious-marriage material relationship from the very start. This gives them the heads up that they need to enter the relationship in the first place. If he does not know make time and let him know what you want. Playing around is fun but only if you are in it too, so make sure that you have your bases covered first before starting out with anything.

All out Support

Be his number one fan and support him no matter what. It does not hurt to give your two cents worth once in a while but believe me when I say that men need to feel reliable. This is because men are groomed to be the ones who stand as the family's leader and when you make him feel like one he will start to feel comfort in you. That is the first step into grooming him to commit you full time.

Nothing like Respect

With the research that I made I found that just like women, men need all respect that they can get from the women in their lives. Respect means not flirting with anyone else when you are around him or ignoring him when he is around. Acknowledge his capability to make important decisions and let him know that you trust him one hundred percent.

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Author: Jody Travis

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