Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Power of Kissing

A study was recently conducted in which it was discovered that spouses and significant others who sent each other off each day with a kiss were statistically more successful in their work day efforts than those who were not kissed.

Think about it. One additional key to success. It sounds so incredibly simple! But think about it. A kiss is an emotional motivator that touches each one of us on so many different levels. A simple, beautiful act that infuses so much potential!

A kiss is an absolute emotional connection. It is an indication of acceptance and support. It is an overt commitment of togetherness and unity of mind and heart.

Indeed, it is another tool that can be used for success.

But it is a powerful tool, and must be used sincerely to be most effective.

I would propose a slight tweaking of the study’s results. If a good kiss produces good results, could you imagine what an even more intense kiss could do?

I would propose that we add conscientious kissing to our toolbox for success. Perhaps, we could even coin a new phrase, and call it Power Kissing! Learn to convey your excitement for one another’s daily success by Power Kissing each other. Kiss each other with more passion, even intimate passion! Drive one another into a delirious desire to succeed by your own display of affection and support each and every day before you step out the door to face the dragons of business and enterprise.

Simply put, there needs to be an increase of P.D.A. (public/private display of affection) in your everyday life.

Show one another that you care. Give each other the added measure of support that is needed to succeed!

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