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Why successful women always scare men?

Almost all men hate to admit but they all know it that successful women do indeed intimidate them. Well the old fashioned view says the guy is supposed to earn and provide for the family and women are suppose to sit at home and do housework. With years this old thinking has been overtaken by the dynamic women of the twenty first century. Now women walk and enjoy the same status as men in the society. But most men are still stuck to the old version of the society and want to be the head and provider of the family.

Not only this men also find it extremely hard to approach successful or wealthy women just due to the fear of rejection. Some think they do not have the same prestigious position as the woman they are interested in and it would not work.

Not only is it about the wealth but also the level of education. This is an age of technology and competition. More and more women are achieving more success than males. The main problem here is that the males are build that way and find it very hard to cope up with a more dominant and successful female.

Most males have the dominant ego factor therefore they find it very hard to deal with a female being the dominant one in the family. It's all about the pride and men feel that their identity is being lost.

And this is one of the major reasons why men prefer dating less successful women than them. If a woman earns more than you, you probably would have to listen to her more and this gives her the dominant edge over you.

Not all men prefer to be followers most of them like to be the leaders when it comes to dating with women. Not only does this hurt a man's ego but also can cause social insults. Most men find it very hard to mix and mingle with the friends of his girl friend, spouse or a date. The society and the atmosphere changes and he would most probably be singled out as he does not have the same status and would be treated differently among the social groups.

Therefore in a nutshell most men have problems at home, work and social groups when they are dating a more successful woman. Their success levels do not meet and somewhere down the line the relationship suffers in the long run.

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Putting the romance in your marriage life

A marriage is considered to be a beautiful relationship which can help an individual to exploring him or herself or exploring the other person. Once you get tied in this relationship you will come to know that marriage is frustrating, rewarding, difficult and east and everything at the same time. The most common complaint that most of the people made are that romance has done from their married life. So here are some of the ways which can help you in bringing the romance in your life.

- When you leave then say goodbye and kiss your partner each time: It has been found that physical relationship faded after the few years of marriage. To keep the romance alive in your life you can try a goodbye kiss. In some of the occasions you can make this steamy. Even a peck can also help you in keeping the romance alive in your life.
- Try to use the line “I Love You” in your conversations: You can use this sentence when you are going on bed at night or when you are ending your conversation on the phone. You can always express your feeling of love with one another.

- Try to spend few times alone: The most common reasons that have been observed for the elimination of the romance from the life are the children, responsibilities and the work. Try to take out some hours from your busy schedule and spend some alone time with your partner. You will definitely improve your relationships.

- Play together: The most interesting fact regarding the romance is that it doesn’t evolve from candle light dinner or flowers. You can even play some games with your partner to inspire the romance in your marriage life. Such types of games may include the physical games like the mini-water fight. Always keep the entertainment in your games and try to include more fun in them.
- Laugh together: Laughter is considered to be the best medicine for inspiring joy, contentment, and other good feelings that are required in building a healthy relationship. But make sure laugh with your partner and not laugh at your partner. Try to include laughter in each day of your life.

- Pinch the butts: This may sound little silly, but the best part of the romance is to attract the partner in physical manner. You can generate the physical spark but pinching the bums of your spouse.

- Touch her: In order to initiate romance you can hold the hands of each other while walking or driving. You can even give hugs to each other and make sure that you must have some kind of physical contact with your partner daily.

- Take your meals together: It is not necessary that you must have to arrange time for special candle light dinners. You can even make the normal dinner romantic by sharing your goals, dreams and thoughts with each other.

- You can even serve each other and can even share some jokes with each other to live the lighter portion of the life.

A few tips to find love online

Those that want to meet someone for a long term relationship will be happy to learn it is possible to find love online. In the past, people were somewhat confused as to whether or not this process is one that is worth exploring.

After all, some may assume that the process of finding love online may not be workable. They may assume that the process is impersonal. Well, whether it is or not will be dependent upon the way you seek to find love online. The way to do it is through signing on with a paid dating site.

Many people will try to find love on line through social networking sites or through generic chat room to find someone they are interested in. There have been people that have achieved success with this strategy but it is not necessarily the best way to go. Why?

Well, the reason should be fairly obvious: the bulk of the people that are on these online venues are not looking for somebody to love. As such, a lot of time can be wasted visiting these sites. Instead, it is much better to look towards those online sites that are designed specifically for dating. Such sites are excellent for finding love online.

With a general online dating sites, people from all walks of life and interests sign on as members. They create profiles and can read the profiles of other people. Emails can be sent internally and instant messages and other forms of communications can be employed as well.

Of course, these sites allow for narrowing your search criteria in order to find someone that will be more compatible for your needs. This greatly enhances the potential to find love online.

And for those that would prefer to join websites that cater to more specified niches, this is certainly possible. There are a great many special interest dating sites available that can also offer a number of different segments of the dating population involved in signing on to these sites.

Whether you are looking for people from a specific background, interest, or hobby, you can locate an online dating site in that delivers on these wants and expectations.

The type of relationship you are looking for can be met on these online dating sites. Those looking for long term relationships can certainly find one and those seeking short term relationships can seek what they are after as well.

Additionally, those that are marriage minded can explore online dating venues while those seeking non-serious and non-committal relationships can do so as well. Since there are many hundreds of thousands of people looking for dating online, it should come as no surprise that there are all manner of relationships that can be sought online as well.

Ultimately, if you want to find love online there are really no impediments to doing so. Opportunity abounds!

Do online relationships last long?

Online relationships have been the rage for some time now. The proliferation of dating sites, especially free dating sites have facilitated the growth of Internet relationships big time. These dating sites make it really easy for people interested in finding partners and dating start dating. The proliferation of dating sites is also an indication that the concept of internet relationships really became popular in the world.

But people have also simultaneously engaged in a debate that rages about the sustainability of the online chat. Clearly, there are two schools of thought. One school of thought believes that Internet relationships are not only a good thing to happen, but an online relationship is here to stay. The other school of thought believes that the online relationship is a temporal relationship and can provide momentary enjoyment. This school of thought believes that nothing beats the treaty relations as they are for the long term.

Obviously, these two schools of thought contain extreme views and probably the truth lies somewhere between the extreme views. Let us examine the viability of an online relationship from an unbiased perspective.

The main reason for online relationships have become so popular among many people around the world easy access to partners. In fact, many dating sites that establish a relationship internet for free. All one needs a computer, an Internet connection and a profile of at least one of the dating sites and you're good to go.

The sites act as a bridge between two people who are ready and it is entirely to people to take it from there. The main difference between an online relationship and a treaty relationship is probably the fact that if one can define its requirements and search for suitable partners as a result, contractual relations does not always allow one to plan its research partners.

But please be careful before committing too early in an online relationship, even if the chosen partner appears to meet all requirements. This is because there is no way to evaluate the credentials and intentions of dating her partner easily. There actually were some cases of lacerations and other unpleasant incidents simply because one partner acted in haste without checking the credentials and intentions of the other partner.

However, there were also many cases of online relationships maturing in a long-term relationships. Indeed, it is be careful and use discretion. If you are really in an online relationship for a short-term exercise, we are prepared for its imminent demise. However, for those who are looking for long term relationships, it is better to be cautious and slow in the beginning. This is the phase where we must carefully evaluate the information and, above all, the intentions of the other partner. This does not guarantee a long-term relationship, but certainly to avoid untoward incidents as dissension.

For more information Please visit dating sites for singles and free dating sites and dating sites free to read dating tips and relationship advice online internet relationships have been very popular these days This is because thousands of singles have found their partners online dating services internet So do relationships work.

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Some great first date ideas

When you finally work up enough courage to ask someone out on a date, you may stress over what you will do. Here are a few first date ideas for the two of you.

First of all, the most important thing is that your first date ideas are planned out. It doesn't really matter if you are a guy or a girl. If you are the person in charge of deciding on the data activities, then you need to have a solid plan. Although it doesn't have to be a complete schedule, you should at least have a good idea of some things you plan to do. You do not want to be stuck wondering what the two of you will do next when you are in the middle of your date.

Make it easy on yourself and craft your first date around the current season. If it is summertime, then try to get your date outside. Visit a park, a zoo, an amusement park or a racetrack.

If you live near the coast, you can go to the beach. This will give you a chance to see your date in some "summer clothing" and have some fun in the sun at the same time. If it is winter, then you may want to do something inside if the weather is bad. Try to eat at a nice restaurant with a romantic fireplace. Eventually, you could move your first date outside and into the snow. Go skating if there is a rink nearby, go sledding, or make a snowman.

If it is spring or fall, you could still try to do something outside as long as the weather is good. Having a picnic is always a fun idea for a first date. If weather is not so good, you can go to a play or musical performance.

Don't just limit yourself to just these first date ideas. If you think about it, the opportunities are nearly limitless on the things you can do.

Automatic watches are a perfect accessory to wear on any date. If you wear an automatic or self winding watch, be sure to pay a visit to Automatic Watch Winders for information about how Orbita Watch Winders can keep your timepiece wound up and ready to go for your date.

The Art of Listening

Once, an anonymous writer said: "They gave us two ears but only one mouth because listening is twice as hard as talking."
To have an effective interpersonal skills, one should know to communicate. Good communication is more than knowing how to express our thoughts, feelings and opinions. In fact, this is only half the process. Listening and understanding is the other half of the course requirement for interpersonal effectiveness.

Listening is actually attentive audience. We could learn a lot just by listening. And the ability to actively listen can improve relationships, because it promotes the understanding that would reduce conflicts and enhance cooperation. Science hearing showed that the modality of the language most commonly used is listening and nearly half the airtime is devoted to an adult to attend to what others say.

A transmitter, a receiver and a message: they are the basic components of listening. A shipper may be a person, or equipment (like TV, radio or other device that shows the progress in hearing science) that transmits a message to the receiver, which is the listener. The receiver must interpret the messages as they come and must cope with the rate of delivery, choice of words and structure of the grammar of the sender. The messages sent by the president are always an incorporeal substance, it is essential to become an active listener, to understand this information.

So how do we listen?

1. 100% attention. Listening is not as important to how we listen. We must devote our full attention to what others say. It is difficult to understand others if we are talking at the same time or if we do something while listening. While listening, start with an open mind. This could allow us to really focus and concentrate on others' posts. In addition, you must know to be careful to keep in mind and logical content of the object. This is done by listening to emotions rather than words to have a deeper understanding to what others say.

Fixing your relationship

Are you having problems in your relationship? Are they serious enough that you are concerned about a breakup or a divorce? Read on for tips on how to fix your relationship.

The first and most obvious step is to try to pin down what is wrong in your relationship. This is easier said than done, however. Sometimes, you only have an insight into your end of the things because of communication problems (a hint right there!). Or, you haven’t really listened to the clues your partner has been giving you as to why there are problems. So, the first thing you can do is to address your part of the equation. Has your partner been complaining about your behavior, words or actions? If so, really listen to what he or she is saying to recognize the problem on your end. If not, try to figure out if there is anything that you are doing or saying which is contributing to the problem.

The other part to this step is to try to determine what it is about your partner that is bothering you or causing the problems. Take some time to really think about this and how to express it in a constructive way. You should never attack or blame the other person entirely. This will only put them on the defensive which will make them unwilling to try to change.

The next step is to communicate! Really listen to your partner – don’t get defensive. Everyone is entitled to their feelings and to have them validated. Even if you don’t agree, you have to be willing to at least consider that you have some fault in the situation. Your partner will feel better if you agree to try to resolve their concerns. If you are the one with the concerns, approach your partner in a constructive way. You should always address the issues from your point of view. For example, you can say that your feelings are being hurt because of what they are saying to you instead of lashing out and saying he or she is doing something wrong. This will turn the issue into a two part equation instead of solely blaming the other person. Then, ask your partner for input into how he or she believes the problem can be solved before you start dictating what you think he or she should do. This validates your relationship as a partnership and makes both of you feel good about working towards a common goal.

How to cope with a separation?

How to cope with a separation? If someone has a break up then it should know the answer to this question. The relationships may weaken by small mistakes and losing its strength gradually a time comes when people decide to end up their relationship. This is the time when people think that they can not go along together. If there is no charm and attraction in your relationship then it would be good to separate. Even if it is a common decision, people become sad when separated. That is why they should know how to deal with a separation.

Dealing with a separation is very important because one may lose much more after a break up if it is not handled carefully. Usually after a break up people feel that they have failed in their life but this is a pessimistic thought. One should know that love is a part of life but not the whole life. You can get another love partner in your life but life is only once so you should try to spend your life in a better way. Moreover ups and downs are the part of life and one should have guts to go through it and one should learn from different phases of life.

If you want to deal with a separation then you have to be open for a new relationship. If you would shut the doors of your heart then you would never be happy and would stay alone. So, do not be cruel to yourself and try to find a better person for spending your future life. If your previous relationship was not flourishing then you should not be scared of making new relationship because there is a probability that you find a person better than your ex love partner. You would only be able to find a good new person when you would be aware of the flaws in your previous relationship.

If you want to deal with a break up and want to have normal life then you would have to behave normally. Do not change your behavior with the people around you. Even if you come across your ex love partner then you should behave casually. You casual behavior would help you to make your life even and easygoing. The ultimate aim of every person is to have a pleasant life and even after separation you have chance to make your life pleasing.

The author John Hill. has been writing on making people able to deal with break up in their life. If you need assistance on this then you may visit his websites dealing with a break up and dealing with broken heart.

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Discover how to get him to marry you, love you, and never leave you

Are you finally done with the dating world and you feel that the man you are with is the man you would like to spend the rest of your life with? Have had a stronger feeling than wanting to marry him now?

This was my problem too when I was at a turning point in my life when I realized that there is no other person for me but him. Although I had a big problem at this time because he did not seem to have any plans of asking me to marry him.

I am sure that it also frustrating for you because of the simple fact that you had to do something to get him to marry you. But let me tell you this, a relationship is a two way thing and it means that if sometimes you want something done you have got to stand on your feet and do something about it.

Never did I imagine myself in the situation I was in but I could not forget how it was for me. This led me to think that I needed to share my thoughts and experience on the matter.

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Rendezovus: L'approche Art Print


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Say Something Romantic to Your Loved One

Some people are just inherently romantic, but most of us need help. Looking for something romantic to say to your beloved? Here you go.

Sometimes words do not come easily when you are so deep and desperately in love. Trying to find the perfect words to describe how you feel can be a challenge. It is even this way for those who are normally very well spoken. You do not have to be short on words, if you follow a few suggestions.

When you try to describe how you feel about someone, using cliche terms can certainly be sweet and endearing, but the words come from the heart really romantic. As you spend time with your sweetheart, tell him all the things you look forward to sharing with him or her in life. For a man or a woman, on hearing of such hopes and dreams are more romantic than any amount of "I love you now." Telling someone how they really intend to give you and realistic reasons why is key when you think of romantic things to say. Tell your love that you will spend the rest of your life with them, or you can not see you with another person.

Telling someone they are beautiful is always wonderful, but why not move up a notch. Tell them what it is about them that is so beautiful. Is it my eyes or mouth that makes you even more in love with them whenever you see them? Adding personalization common sweet words go a long way to separate your words from cliché.

Tell your sweetheart you love a hundred different ways in a hundred different languages! Whether it's French, "I love you" or Spanish "Te Amo", the sound of words with universal meaning in a language different from the music to the ears. Of course, a simple "I love you" at the right time can be the most romantic story, you can say.

The key to the thinking of romantic things to say is nothing that says the truth. words of truth will be the most sincere and ultimately the most. Say what you feel truth is better than any other poem or quote. Your baby will love and romantic love is certainly nothing you say! Do not limit what you say to your friend mashed sweet words! Some of the most romantic moments can come from a moment of humor. Remember, laugh with others is often the key to a peaceful, loving relationship.

The Power of Kissing

A study was recently conducted in which it was discovered that spouses and significant others who sent each other off each day with a kiss were statistically more successful in their work day efforts than those who were not kissed.

Think about it. One additional key to success. It sounds so incredibly simple! But think about it. A kiss is an emotional motivator that touches each one of us on so many different levels. A simple, beautiful act that infuses so much potential!

A kiss is an absolute emotional connection. It is an indication of acceptance and support. It is an overt commitment of togetherness and unity of mind and heart.

Indeed, it is another tool that can be used for success.

But it is a powerful tool, and must be used sincerely to be most effective.

I would propose a slight tweaking of the study’s results. If a good kiss produces good results, could you imagine what an even more intense kiss could do?

I would propose that we add conscientious kissing to our toolbox for success. Perhaps, we could even coin a new phrase, and call it Power Kissing! Learn to convey your excitement for one another’s daily success by Power Kissing each other. Kiss each other with more passion, even intimate passion! Drive one another into a delirious desire to succeed by your own display of affection and support each and every day before you step out the door to face the dragons of business and enterprise.

Simply put, there needs to be an increase of P.D.A. (public/private display of affection) in your everyday life.

Show one another that you care. Give each other the added measure of support that is needed to succeed!

Romantic Ideas for Summer

1. Create a moonlit picnic complete with picnic basket and blanket.
2. Pick a spot in your yard and plant her / his favorite flowers. When they bloom you’ll have fresh cut flowers to enjoy or give.
3. Send your love and invitation for a midnight rendezvous. Meet on a hot summer night with a bottle of wine and a blanket.
4. Mow a heart shape into the grass.
5. Use sidewalk chalk to express your love.
6. Install a hammock or two seat swing to relax together on warm summer days.
7. Build a romantic outdoor sitting area as a surprise or together.
8. Plan a romantic getaway together; half the fun is talking about it.
9. Play summer games together such as horse shoes and croquet.
10. Light up the fire pit or patio stove and roast marshmallows for each other.
11. Take a stroll together at your local winery.
12. Sit in your yard and sip on lemonade while enjoying the summer together.
13. Decorate your patio with outside candles, torches or strings of lights for a romantic look at night.
14. Drive to a nearby town, park the car and walk hand and hand visiting the shops, restaurants and/or nightlife.
15. Absorb nature by visiting parks in your area. Walk slowly hand in hand, hike or just relax on the park bench.
16. Buy a smoothie maker and make Pina Coladas and daiquiris.
17. Decorate an area with a beach or Hawaiian theme. Have coconuts, lounge chairs, beach towels and maybe even sand. Serve tropical foods.
18. Spray paint a heart in the grass for your love to see.
19. Buy a book about stars and star gaze together.
20. Carve your names into a heart on a tree.

Feminism: Equal Yet Different? But What Is Equality?

“Women are the equals of men and should be treated as such” is feminist author Wendy McElroy’s opinion, even as she asks, “But what is equal? How is equality defined? Does it mean equality under existing laws and equal representation in existing institutions? Or does it involve a socio-economic equality—a redistribution of wealth and power—that, in turn, requires new laws and an overturning of existing institutions?”

When equality is defined as equitable treatment under the law, even the staunchest conservative would probably agree with McElroy. “No one questions the concept of equal access to the Law; to a just and fair treatment for all in the Courts, before the bar of Justice,” says Jacob van Flossen, ultraconservative author of a 1998 political novel entitled Return of the Gods.

This basic concept of equality has been the broad legal intent in certain earlier cultures as well. Notable among them is first-century Jewish society. Under its laws, men were given definite instructions on their obligations to their wife’s needs, and women were endowed with inheritance and property rights not enjoyed by Western women until modern times.

Such a definition of equality doesn’t go far enough, however, to pacify adherents to all the numerous branches of feminism, particularly those known as gender feminists or radical feminists, who maintain that women will be oppressed as long as traditional gender roles are accepted by society. This form of feminism, like most others, is hard to pin down dogmatically, because the approaches to ending such “gender oppression” are as numerous as the individuals who seek to apply them. While some may go so far as to reject heterosexual relationships and/or advocate complete separation from patriarchal society in the belief that men are inherently evil, other gender feminists focus on changing media portrayal of gender differences or removing gender-specific pronouns from communication. The latter group, believing that equality simply means sameness, is trying to eliminate perceived differences between men and women.

But are there differences? And if so, is that a bad thing? Or does the idea of complementarity have some merit? Van Flossen asks, “By what compulsion do we make the denial of human difference—the denial of that which makes each of us unique—an ultimate goal?”

Danielle Crittenden, author of What Our Mothers Didn’t Tell Us, echoes his question: “Should men and women be trying to lead identical kinds of lives, or were there good reasons for the old divisions of labor? If so, do these divisions make us ‘unequal’?”

Lets Talk About Feminism

Feminist Germaine Greer, May 7, 1971

Feminist Germaine Greer, May 7, 1971 Photographic Print
Merritt III
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What is feminism? When it first dawned on Betty Friedan that something was wrong with the role of women in society, she was not incorrect. Nor, of course, was she the first in history to notice, or the first to hit on an inadequate solution. The problem, as she articulated it, was the discontent of the average suburban housewife with a role perceived as smothering and unfulfilling, inferior and therefore unfair. Friedan’s book, The Feminine Mystique, was printed in the early 1960s and is considered the precursor to the so-called second wave of feminism, the first having been the suffrage movement begun the previous century.

While controversy surrounds Friedan’s claim that she spent 20 years as a bored housewife, and that this caused her to become a feminist, it is fair to acknowledge that there were a number of bored housewives in her generation and in the generations before hers. Whether they pursued feminism in any of its many forms as a result, or if not, why not, are questions worthy of pursuit.

Bored or not, however, housewives over the centuries have been the subject of many attempted solutions to the problem of establishing women’s role once and for all. To some the answer is a matriarchal society and the elimination of male violence, under the assumption that violence is a particularly male attribute. To others it is the complete subjugation and humiliation of women in order to “keep them in their place.” The treatment of women under Afghanistan’s Taliban regime is a reminder that even in modern times the pendulum can swing widely.

Generally, though, most in the West agree that men and women should be treated as equals and have equal value in the social order. But even that is open to many interpretations. Some modern feminists are pursuing what they refer to as “complementarity”—that is, equivalence that acknowledges sexual differences. Others suggest that such a concept actually threatens the equality that feminists have worked so hard for.

Places to avoid for a first date

You’d like to think the success of a first date is all about chemistry, connection, good conversation… but sometimes, where you are and what you’re doing can play a key role in whether things go well or not. So, if you want to start a potential relationship off on good footing and don’t take your love interest on the following dates.

1. Family Functions

Your date will be nervous enough trying to impress you — don’t make someone audition for family and friends, too. Who needs that pressure?

2. Dance Clubs
Loud music, pulsing lights, guys without shirts… need we say more? Everyone’s on the prowl. That would be very uncomfortable.

3. Movies

You spend two lame hours staring at a screen, not getting to know each other…plus there’s always a risk the flick will contain a risqué scene that’ll create an awkward moment.

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Eating for High Energy

The more you exercise, the more you need to eat a balanced diet. The nutritional rules still apply, but with an added carbohydrate intake. The combination of healthy food and physical exertion combats stress, encourages tissue repair, rebalances hormones and releases endorphins and encephalin. Mood and outlook should improve markedly.

To boost your sporting performance, you need glucose. The body makes glucose from starches and sugars in carbohydrates, including bread, potatoes and rice and stores it in the muscles and liver as glycogen. Like everyone else, sportspeople need protein, obtained mostly from pulses, poultry, red meat, fish, cheese, eggs and seeds, and vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Sufficient fluids, particularly in advance of sport, are vital. You should also drink water during (if possible) and after exercise to replenish fluids.

The more you train, the more you need to eat a balanced diet. The dietary rules still apply, but with an added carbohydrate intake. The combination of healthy eating and physical stress of fighting effort, promotes tissue repair, rebalance hormones and releases endorphins and enkephalins. Mood and outlook should improve significantly.

To improve your sports performance, you need glucose. The body makes glucose from starches and sugars in carbohydrates, including bread, potatoes and rice and stores in muscles and liver as glycogen. Like everyone else, need protein Sport, made mainly from pulses, poultry, red meat, fish, cheese, eggs and grains, and vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. adequate liquid, especially in advance of the sport, are essential. You should also drink water during (if possible) and after exercise to replenish fluids.

If an intense exercise and fitness are an integral part of your life, you need to think long term and always stick to a balanced input, but varied food. Most athletes have a hearty breakfast and nutritious, especially the day of the event, and eat a diet rich in complex carbohydrates permanent.

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The Rule of Five in Dating

You can judge the character of a person of 99% of the time looking at the five people closest they associate with.

You may have heard that if you stand criminal long enough, you'll eventually become one ... or if you hang out with people angry or depressed, Finally, you can become one of them as well.

After helping the men and women in their love life nearly a decade now, I must confirm the above theory to be true. You are who you associate with.

Here are some tests:

Check out these five people you spend the most time with. So ...

1) Ask yourself if you have similar interests.

2) Take their average income. See if your income equity are close to this average.

3) Take the average scores if you're still in school. See if your own notes are close.

4) Take their average success in dating. Check your success is near.

5) Take the number of hours they spend playing video games per week. (This is for teenagers.) Find the average and compare to yours.

6) Look at their success in life in general. Take average and compare to yours.

The test list can go on and on!

Now ... how it applies to dating and women?

Firstly, the most important point, I'm doing. Here it is very, very important to surround yourself with people that you want to emulate. Why? Because one way or another, the people around you influence you everyday actions and habits. So if you want to have a better life (whether in your career or your love life), you should look for those who live the life you want and simply allow their daily actions and habits influence your own behavior.

This test also works for women that you are interested in dating. Consider it a test of character. You can tell the character of a woman watching her five closest friends. For example, if his five best friends cheated before, I can almost guarantee you she cheats on you one day.

So keep in mind that the next time a woman speaks about her girlfriends cheating!

Best online-dating advices ever

Stick to a one hour per day rule

"Spend one hour per day, max, looking for dates online. Get a timer if you must. It may be tempting to look at the screen for four hours straight, but nothing beyond that is usually a bad thing. It's like exercise. We all know that these people go-getter who begin exercise and a diet too much in this first week. Most of them get hurt, never give up and return to it. The same thing happens in online dating. But if you pace, you'll reduce your chances of burnout - and increase your chances of success. "

Tell stories to your Profile

"When writing your profile, keep this rule in mind: show, do not tell. Instead of saying you're funny or mundane, the show features sharing the story of a time you did something that illustrates one of those things. This will help fill out your profile with lines that are so unique they could only be written by you and help you stand out from the crowd. "
Add sex appeal to your subject line

"When you send your initial email to someone, give the subject line of sex appeal. Instead of sticking to a poll" Hello, "something specific reference to their profile - such that 'Sunday New York Times Poolside' or 'Barcelona or Bust. By writing a fun and specific subject line, you'll make faster connections. "

Keep your facts straight

"In an embarrassment of riches classic scenario, we often find themselves in a situation of having too many online suitors. You can use technology to keep them straight - cut and paste everything from profiles and pictures to e-mails and responses into spreadsheets or word processing programs, then create a folder for each person you contact. This is particularly useful at the beginning of your communications, if you always try to remember what that goes with username whose real name. And be sure to consult your date's profile before emailing, phoning or meeting in person. "

Woman with Wet Hair and Body Photographic Art Print

Woman with Wet Hair and Body

Woman with Wet Hair and Body Photographic Print
Hancock, Joseph
24 in. x 18 in.
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Framed   Mounted